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A nor'easter in mascara


Name: Amy Z. Quinn
Age: 30s
Location: Manayunk by birth, South Jersey by the grace o' God.
Occupations: Independent Journalist. Citizen. Mother. Giver of Snacks. Housewife. Explainer. Maintainer.

Situation: Married to JQ, the Trophy Husband. Mother of Jack, the Jersey guy.
Political affiliation: Democrat. Pro-family, pro-child, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage.

Welcome to Citizen Mom. This site was created in August, 2004 as Tales of the Feminist Housewife.

I'm an independent journalist and journalism teacher, based in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area.

In addition to writing the Citizen Mom blog, I have written a column of the same name for the Philadelphia City Paper:

I also write features for the Philadelphia Inquirer, where I began my journalism career in 1994.

From 2006 to 2009, I was the Editrix and contributing writer at Phawker.

In 2007-08, I wrote an online column on politics and pop culture for

You can read a few of them here:



To read the Sunday Inquirer's June 2006 profile of Citizen Mom, go here:

I also spent eight years working as a reporter (Inquirer, Asbury Park Press) and editorial writer/columnist (Press) before chucking it to become a stay-at-home mom in 2002.

All views expressed are the author's alone. You are welcome to add your own comments, and encouraged to express yourself freely. In exchange, Citizen Mom reserves the right to berate, scold, and/or block your IP address. Mom's the boss of this house.

Other questions? Email me at citizenmom@gmail

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